The Rinky-Dink Prospect No. 3A2X is located in the northern hemisphere, east of the Cahokia Down portion of the St. Louis Arch and on the western flank of the East Central Plateau. The East Central Plateau consists of prehistoric substances that have turned into oil and natural gas and other things. The creation of the world resulted in many anticlines, synclines and faults that allowed for the accumulation of oil and gas into structures such as the ones found by Rinky-Dink, Inc. These structures contain fantastic and unlimited opportunities to promote oil and gas investments.

The Rinky-Dink No. 3A2X field was discovered by using expensive and sophisticated specialized remote high resolution laser guided ultra-beam three dimensional macroscopic satellite geothermal subterranean mapping techniques developed by a world renowned Ph.D. whose name we're not allowed to mention. The prospect was confirmed by drilling the Rinky-Dink 3A2X #1 well, which encountered oil and gas shows all over the place. Expensive and sophisticated specialized testing using complex computerized virtual modelling algorithms developed by our own in-house team of highly qualified and experienced experts in the field confirmed that this horizon contains a very significant natural gas deposit. Multiple testing showed no decline in reservoir pressure, indicative of unlimited productivity forever.

It is our humble but considered opinion that the Rinky-Dink 3A2X #1 well and other wells should deliver 250,000 cubic feet (250 mcf) of gas per day, roughly equivalent to the output of an entire session of Congress. It will definitely make all Rinky-Dink investors very rich.

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