11/09/2020: Added the Terms of Service page at the insistence of our legal team.
01/01/2016: We're not sure of the date, but our IT Team updated our Rinky-Dink website design to make it phone friendly, or something like that. We didn't even notice, because our Rinky-Dink phones don't have web bruisers, or whatever those things are called that people use for looking at stuff on the internet. We're all business here at Rinky-Dink.
12/16/2014: Added the Tech page to acquaint the public with the incredible scope of advanced solutions made possible by Rinky-Dink technology.
03/02/2010: Major re-write of pages utilizing YAML framework. Why? Well, it just seemed like a good idea. Also, we had lots of real work to do and wanted something else to do instead.
01/18/04: Added SERPS page. In contrast to the rest of the website, the serps page should not actually be taken seriously!
05/25/03: Major re-write of pages to utilize PHP server side scripting. You shouldn't notice much difference.
09/01/02: Added a little "Flash" to the 3A2X Prospect Technical Report on the Oil Wells page.
07/28/02: Added "Flash" to the Bad Mining popup on the Gold Mines page.
07/27/02: Added a little "Flash" to the Home page.
06/22/02: Added Directors and Officers bios and photos to Staff page.
05/25/02: Added Dinky on Tour courtesy of 600 Headquarters.
05/12/02: Example of Bad Mining added to Gold Mines page.
05/11/02: Satellite view of L-3QR8 parking lot added to Gold Mines page.
05/11/02: Research & Development Team added to Staff page.
05/11/02: Browser ID panel added to "Home" page.
05/10/02: Added "What's New" page.
05/08/02: Satellite view of L-3QR8 mine added to Gold Mines page.
05/04/02: Interior view of L-3QR8 mine added to Gold Mines page.
10/07/17: Started work to make this Rinky-Dink website "mobile friendly" so as to be compatible with smart phones and make Google happy.


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